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Medical Care Redefined

Your doctor, your time

DPC Health’s membership-based model, known as Direct Primary Care, provides unlimited 24/7 access to our medical team by phone, text, or video.  In this revolutionary model of care, members are able to establish a relationship with their doctor.

B12 + Skinny Shots

A combination medication of lipotropic amino acids and vitamin b12 that burns fat by enhancing metabolic function and preserving muscle tissues

$15/each for members
$30/each for non-members

Hormone Pellet Therapy

Treat your hormonal imbalance with pellet therapy. Pellet insertions are non-invasive, requires no stitches, and take less than 15 minutes of your time

*discounted rates for members
*available to non-members, too

Dr. Nguyen's Supplement Store

Shop for quality supplements that eliinates artificial ingredients, allergens, and toxins.

Registration Code: TN2300

Save 10% with coupon: HCPC2300WELCOME

Same-Day Appointments

Early diagnosis and treatment can support positive outcomes. With DPC Health, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for an appointment.

Spruce Health App

Patients with memberships will receive access to this HIPAA-secure app to contact us via call, text, and video at any time and any where.

What is The Process Like? 

1. Fill out a membership form online

Once you are ready, click on “join now” and fill out a membership form. The form will ask you for your basic information and have you signed our agreement policy. Members are asked to commit to at least three months with us before cancelling. 

2. Our team will confirm your membership on our end

The second you submit your membership form, our team will be notified that you are joining our DPC Health family. From there, we will confirm your membership on our end.

3. Download the Spruce App

After that, we will send you a text message with a link to download our HIPAA-secure Spruce app. You will be directed to your app store to download and be given information to login to the app.

4. Receive direct primary access to your team and doctor

Now you can use your app to contact us! Call, text, or video to get in touch with us. 

5. Establish your health care

Using the app, make your first appointment with us. If you have a medical concern that needs immediate attention, then let us know so we can schedule you in. Otherwise, schedule an appointment with us to do your physical and establish care with our doctor.

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