Direct Primary Care is Good Business for Employers


ER Visits down 65 percent.


Inpatient Days down 60 percent.


Specialist Visits down 66 percent.


Advanced Radiology down 29 percent.


Employers save 30 percent of their total healthcare spend.

Direct Primary Care Is Good Business for Employers

If you’re an employer in the United States, there’s a good chance you’ve seen 5 to 25 percent per year increases in your total healthcare costs for 10 years or more. As healthcare costs continue to outpace inflation in the United States, employers are demanding more efficient, effective options that reflect responsible stewardship of their funds. Most employers have tried numerous options from shifting more of the financial burden to employees, to wellness programs, to mandatory annual physicals, to on-site clinics, and many other approaches that simply didn’t materialize any significant savings or improvement in the health of your employees. Most of the ideas being presented by your advisors are logical on the surface and have been adopted by a majority of companies smaller and larger than your company. So why haven’t they worked?

As with most problems you face in business, it’s difficult if not impossible to resolve the problem if you focus on addressing the “symptoms” and not the “root cause”. So, what is the root cause of the problem you face with your healthcare plan? The root cause of America’s rising cost and increasingly unaffordable healthcare system is twofold:

  1. People are not able to obtain comprehensive primary care services, and
  2. Maintaining good health requires support, discipline, and behavior change that can only be achieved with:

a. Continuous support and counsel from a dedicated healthcare team.

b. The individual’s commitment to maintain their health.

c. A change in the environmental factors that contribute to poor health.

DPC Healthcare provides the most comprehensive approach to resolving the root cause of our healthcare systems inability to tackle these two critical problems:

  • People have access to “true primary care” meaning they have a dedicated team led by a Board-Certified Primary Care Physician that delivers not only great personalized hands on care when you most need it but also the commitment to ensure you maintain your health 24/7/365.
  • The support system needed to ensure you stay healthy including the therapies and technologies as well as the navigation needed when services from outside of DPC Healthcare are required is a key element of our solution.
  • Each person has a dedicated healthcare team, employed by DPC Healthcare, that knows their health status, fears, desires, goals, and limitations which is crucial when trying to change behavior or providing support during personal crisis whether health related or otherwise. “Personalized” care means just that – we know you. Lumping each person into charts and categories that are commonly used and giving them access to a healthcare professional that knows nothing about them, does not provide the level of understanding needed to address the specific issues and needs of the individual.
  • Working with employers to change their environment to ensure healthy living is a key element in their day to day work setting is another factor that sets us apart.
  • We have no limitations to access and we provide proactive support meaning we take the initiative to help you without you asking us for it.

So, how do you implement DPC Healthcare into your current health plan? It is a lot easier than you think or may be led to believe and the real important element of adding DPC Healthcare to your health plan is you can do this now, you do not have to wait for open enrollment.

Two examples of how companies can add DPC Healthcare prior to or just after their open enrollment include:

  • A mid-Size employer with 150 employees that is self-insured and administered by one of the 5 large insurance companies, added DPC Healthcare as an option 3 months after their open enrollment. The employer pays our premium and they made no changes to their current plan. You may think this isn’t a very smart move but, since they are self-insured, they pay actual claims real time. With DPC Healthcare providing comprehensive primary care, claims volume goes down and overall cost go down without making one change to their current plan.
  • Another mid-size employer with over 200 employees and is not self-insured, obtained an insurance product from one of the large insurance companies that recognized the value of DPC Healthcare. A benefit to the employer of this alternative is they provided lower premiums than the non-DPC Healthcare plan. In addition to the lower premiums, the actual experience being recorded will have a significant impact by reducing their future premiums because of lower cost and better outcomes.

If your benefit adviser suggests this can’t be done, call us. We have aligned with benefit advisors who belong to a national organization called “Health Rosetta”. Health Rosetta is transforming the benefit advisor industry to be more responsive to their client’s needs.

We’d love to show you how DPC Healthcare can help improve the health of your employees and reduce your total healthcare cost by as much as 30 percent. Check out our videos below.

DPC Healthcare launched Texas’ first mobile, direct primary care clinic in 2019 to address one of the biggest barriers to healthcare access: time.

DPC Healthcare’s state-of-the-art Mobile Clinic provides the gift of time and convenience by equipping our physicians with a fully functioning clinic to bring to employer worksites and locations outside of our brick-and-mortar clinics.  Outfitted with important technologies and additional services such as physical therapy, costly time away from work and from family can be greatly reduced.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van has been transformed into a DPC Healthcare Clinic on wheels allowing our doctors to perform the majority of all of the same services they can perform in our physical locations, such as:

  • Most diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses
  • Manage chronic diseases
  • Conduct routine physicals, including obtaining blood and urine specimens for diagnostic testing*
  • Conduct most preventative exams, such as well woman exams
  • Administer vaccines and IV’s
  • seca© Body Composition Analyzer testing
  • Physical therapy

No more are the days of postponing medical attention or missing unnecessary time away from work when the clinic can come to your worksite or a location near you.  We provide convenient, comfortable access to care to help improve the health and wellness of the workforce, save employers and employees time and money, possibly reduce absenteeism and save valuable time away from family and every day responsibilities.

*Diagnostic tests are not performed in the Mobile Clinic.  Specimens are collected and tested offsite at our CLIA certified laboratory.

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