A Healthy Collaboration.


DPC Healthcare can address up to 90 percent of medical issues, reducing the need for costly downstream care.

Enjoy true access to your medical team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — in the clinic, at your home, on your computer, or via text from your phone.


DPC Healthcare patient panels are typically 25 percent the size of the standard fee-for-service
primary care physician panel.


DPC Healthcare can save employers up to 30 percent of their total healthcare spend.

Connect with Your Physician from Any Device

Electronic Medical Record

The Elation Health platform channels your medical history and test results from multiple providers into one easy-to-manage online resource.

User-Friendly Mobile App

The versatile Spruce app is your 24/7 connection to your medical team — from online appointment setting via the app or website to quick texts or telemedicine video consultations.

Secure, Seamless Access

The apps and technologies you’ll use to connect with your medical team are as simple as sending a text, writing an email, or making a phone call.

Personalized Care from the First Visit

As a new patient, your first DPC Healthcare visit is part examination and part consultation. Perhaps most importantly, though, it’s an unhurried opportunity for your physician to get to know you as a person as well as a patient.

Each physical lasts one to two hours and begins with routine blood work, which we test on-site during your visit. While our staff members are processing your blood tests, your physician pulls up your health record on a computer screen and sits beside you to walk you through any questions or concerns. Before the exam is over, the results of your blood tests are readily available, adding another valuable dimension to the wellness conversation.

In addition to the thorough physical exam and in-depth Q&A, we also do something you might not expect of a direct primary care provider — we capture your current insurance information. Even though DPC Healthcare works independently of the insurance industry, we realize how important it is for you to work within your insurance network when there’s a need to refer you to a specialist or guide you through a hospital procedure. We also check in on you during your stay and consult with hospital staff on-site to communicate important points about your health, minimize costly duplication of tests, and support quality outcomes.

Proactive Health and Wellness Strategies

When was the last time your healthcare team treated you to a gourmet cooking class or invited you to a yoga session? At DPC Healthcare, our approach to primary care is rooted in the everyday habits that promote wellness and help patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes, back pain, and high blood pressure.

Our clinics include wellness facilities designed to teach and show employees how to be well — not just tell them. We bring in executive chefs, yoga instructors, and others to spark engagement and inspire patients to take an active role in their wellness. These events are included in the monthly fee at no additional cost and are specially chosen to address the needs of patients at each clinic.

Another important part of the DPC Healthcare experience is the user-friendly technology that gives you anytime access to your medical history and your medical team. Rather than tasking you with gathering your medical records from multiple sources, we simply have you fill out an authorization form that allows us to capture and consolidate your data into one convenient touch point. From that moment on, every communication is automatically tracked for reference — including our response time. And with our integrated app, you have 24/7 access to your physician via phone, text, email, and videoconferencing.

Direct Primary Care Is Good Business for Employers

If you’re an employer in the United States, there’s a good chance you’ve seen 5 to 25 percent per year increases in your total healthcare costs for 10 years or more. As healthcare costs continue to outpace inflation in the United States, employers are demanding more efficient, effective options that reflect responsible stewardship of their funds. We’d love to show you how DPC Healthcare can help improve the health of your employees and reduce your total healthcare cost by as much as 30 percent. Check out our video on the How It Works page.


ER Visits down 65 percent.


Inpatient Days down 60 percent.


Specialist Visits down 66 percent.


Advanced Radiology down 29 percent.

Over $15 billion saved

If DPC Healthcare were adopted throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, the region’s employers could realize combined annual savings of $15.6 billion.

DPC Healthcare combines personalized family medicine with 24/7 access to the medical team that knows more about your health than anyone.

It’s not health insurance — it’s an affordable monthly membership that reins in healthcare costs while putting your wellness first. DPC Healthcare patients enjoy inclusive access to:

Primary and Urgent Care Visits

Well Child and Well Woman Exams

Annual, DOT, and Sports and Camp Physicals

Routine Lab Testing with Same-Day Results

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations

Preoperative Clearance


Chronic Disease Management

Remote Monitoring

Nutrition and Weight Management

Travel-Related Examinations